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Product Brief

IDT(ZMDI / GigPeak)
SKYWORKS(RFaxis / Anadigics)
Power Management
IDT is a leader in wireless power transmitter and receiver solutions for wireless charger applications. Addressing all major standards and technologies, our highly integrated and innovative transmitter ICs are designed for use in wireless charging stations in homes, offices, libraries, stores, public waiting areas, airports and airplane seats. IDT’s receiver ICs are targeted for use in portable devices and accessories. IDT participates in all major industry associations and ecosystems, including the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), Power Matters Alliance (PMA), Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP), and the Intel Wireless Charging Technology (WCT). IDT develops solutions for both magnetic induction and magnetic resonance wireless power technologies . About Wireless Charging Technology Wireless charging technology facilitates the transmission of electrical energy from a power source to an electrical load without connecting wires. The technology is especially useful in cases where wires are hazardous, impossible to connect, or simply inconvenient. Today’s wireless chargers come in various physical forms, but are all based on the fundamental principles of electromagnetic coupling. Adhering to one or more industry standards, the challenge to build advanced wireless charging circuits is to maximize efficiency, compatibility, and safety, while minimizing the physical dimensions of the solution. IDT’s industry-leading devices offer all of these qualities, enabling wireless charger and portable device manufacturers to easily and effectively integrate wireless charging technology into their next-generation products.


 Power  Transmitter
 Part Number  Vin Range  Output Power  WPG/PMA  Coils Supported  Package
 IDTP9038  4.5 – 6.9V  8W  WPC Certified  A5/A11  QFN 7 x 7 -56
 IDTP9230  6.0 – 21.0V  5W  WPC + PMA  A1/A10  QFN 5 x 5 - 40
 IDTP9231  6.0 – 21.0V  3W  WPC  A1/A10  QFN 5 x 5 - 40
 IDTP9234  6.0 – 21.0V  5W  PMA  Type 3  QFN 5 x 5 - 40
 IDTP9235  4.0 – 21.0V  5W  Passed Pre-Qi (WPC)  A5/A11  QFN 5 x 5 - 40
 IDTP9236  6.0 – 21.0V  10W  WPC  A6/A13  QFN 6 x 6 – 48
 IDTP9240  4.0 – 21.0V  15W  WPC  A1  QFN 5 x 5 - 40

 Power  Receiver
 Part Number  Vout Range  Output Power  WPG/PMA
 IDTP9022  5V  5W  WPC1.1
 IDTP9023  5V  5W  WPC1.1/PMA
 IDTP9024  5V  5W  PMA
 IDTP9025A  5V  5W  WPC1.1
 IDTP9026  4.2V  2W  WPC1.1
 IDTP9028  5V  5W  WPC1.1/PMA

Multi-channel Power Management

IDT offers highly-integrated multi-channel system power management solutions to meet the performance, efficiency, and feature requirements of next-generation portable and fixed electronics. IDT’s PMIC solutions help system designers reduce bill-of-materials (BOM), overcome thermal dissipation challenges, simplify PCB routing, and improve monitoring and control capabilities.

 Part Number  Function  Input Voltage (V)  Buck  LDOs  GPIOs (#)
 IDTP9120  3-ch PMIC  2.7 - 5.5  3


 IDTP9122  2-ch PMIC  2.7 - 5.5  2


 IDTP9145    System PMIC  4.5 - 5.25  7  7  16
 IDTP9147  Distributed Power Unit (DPU)  5.6 - 12.6  1



 IDTP9148  Distributed Power Unit (DPU)  4.5 - 8.4  1



 IDTP9165  System PMIC  2.7 - 5.25  5  11  8
 IDTP9167  Distributed Power Unit (DPU)  5.6 - 12.6  1



Other Foundational Products

IDT is the industry leader in memory interface devices, offering JEDEC-compliant, Zero-Delay PLL clock drivers (buffer) and registers to meet the tight timing budget requirement of dual in-line memory modules (DIMM) and memory interface applications. IDT is also the industry’s leading supplier of FIFOs and multi-port memories with the most comprehensive and highest-performance products available. The IDT FIFO portfolio includes more than 350 synchronous, asynchronous and bi-directional products to help designers solve interchip communications protocol problems, such as rate matching, buffering and bus matching. IDT’s Multi-Port Memory portfolio contains more than 150 types of asynchronous and synchronous dual-ports, four-ports and bank-switchable dual-ports.  With over three decades of SRAM experience, IDT offers a broad line of high-speed, industry-standard SRAMs that are used in communications and industrial markets. IDT also offers high-performance, low-voltage standard logic ICs and bus switch logic ICs.


Standard Logic


 Part Number  Function  Bus Width (bits)  Core Voltage (V)
 Advanced Low-Voltage CMOS (ALVC)  74ALVC16xxx  Buffer/Driver/Transceiver  16  3.3
 74ALVCHxxxxx  Buffer, Driver, Transceiver, Latch, Flip-flop  16, 24, 32  3.3
 74ALVCHR16xxxx  Transceiver  16  3.3
 Fast CMOS TTL Compatible  (FCT)  74FCT1xxx  Buffer, Driver, Multiplexer, Transceiver  4  5
 Low-Voltage CMOS (LVC)  74LVC16xxxx  Buffer, Driver, Transceiver, Latch, Flip-flop  16, 18, 20  3.3
 74LVCH16xxxx  Buffer, Driver, Transceiver, Latch, Flip-flop  16, 32  3.3
 74LVCR16xxxx  Transceiver  16  3.3
 Function  Part Number  VME Bus  Power Max (W)
 VME to PCI-X Bridge  TSI148  VME64, 2eVME, 2eSST  1.8